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Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know that makeupandfreckles is now on Instagram! I’m sharing the account with my lingerie blog, frillsandfreckles. You’ll be able to check out simple everyday looks and swatches before they’re on the blog!

The account is FrillyFreckles


TonyMoly I’m Real Makgeoli Sheet Mask Review

Goodness how long has it been since I’ve posted? College has been sucking me dry. 

Anyway, I have a skincare review for you today, of a neat sheet mask I found at Ulta the other day. 

TonyMoly is a Korean brand that’s become quite popular here in the states. I found several of these masks at Ulta, but I chose the skin purifying one.    

This packet comes with one mask for $3.75. 

The mask claims to make skin look radiant and glowing. It’s loaded with essence. 

Boy do I love  this picture. The mask was kind of long for me. It was very wet too and rather slimy feeling which was sort of uncomfortable. It was dripping with essence, litteraly. It got on my chest. 

I kept it on for half an hour then rubbed the excess essence into my skin. The mask may have given me some application trouble but I loved the results! My skin was glowing, soft and moisturized.

I’d definitely like to try more TonyMoly sheet masks!


FOTD: Chocolate Strawberries

I just love pink and brown as a color combo on my eyes!


Products Used:

  • Maybelline Dream BB Queen 
  • Maybelline Age Rewind concealer
  • Clinique Loose Powder
  • Baroque Mucha Ado about Nothing blush 
  • ELF eyebrow kit
  • Urban Decay Bust eyeshadow
  • Urban Decay Lost eyeshadow
  • Hello Waffle Corgi Butts eyeshadow
  • Lorac Espresso eyeshadow 
  • Urban Decay Percersion mascara
  • NYX Pops Butter Lipstick 

Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Lover Review

Hi! So when I came across a bit of extra money, I decided to treat myself to a really nice blush, and Illamasqua’s formula definitely fit the bill! 


This is Lover, a light apricot peach (almost creamsicle) shade, but before I review the specific shade I wanted to talk about the formula. 

Illamasqua’s blushes are $28 for .15 oz. The texture of these blushes is very very soft, smooth and a little powdery. There’s a ton of kick up of the powder when you run your brush through it which is messy and kind of annoying, but the formula is so blendable and lovely as a result that I can forgive it. You get super pigmentation that’s very blendable and smooth and doesn’t cling to any dry patches. 

But seriously this blush is softer than Lorac eye shadows, so if that’s not your preferred formula be aware. 

So onto the shade Lover itself! Here’s a swatch.  


And here’s an example of what it looks like on me. I’m an NC30 for reference.

(Please ignore the clashing lip color.)

I think it’s a pretty unique color, but I also think it’s borderline too light for my light/medium skin. If you have darker skin than me don’t think that means you can’t pull this blush off! It’s just that if you’re looking for your blush to look natural you won’t get that look with this shade. 

I do recommend this blush! I’d love to try more shades!


Travel Essentials: What I Brought to Mexico

Hey everyone! So last month I was in Mexico for three weeks, and I thought I’d share what sort of makeup I brought with me. 


My makeup usually looked like this while I was there. Mostly it was no-makeup makeup. 

I tried not to bring too many brushes. I brought a travel sized kabuki brush for my foundation and a double sided eyeshadow brush. 

For my base I brought my Lucy Minerals foundation, and CoverFX concealer. I also brought a travel sized Amazing Cosmetics setting powder. 
I was worried that any powder blush would break on the plane, so instead I brought two shades of Maybelline’s Dream Bouncy Blush, a peach shade and a wine shade.

The only eyeshadow I brought was my NYX Walking on Eggshells nude trio. I brought a double sided black/brown pencil eyeliner, my NYX brow pencil, and my travel sized Lorac Cobra mascara.

I only brought two lip colors, NYX Big Cherry butter lipstick as my red and Clinique’s black honey almost lipstick as my everyday MLBB color. 

What products do you bring on vacation?


EOTD with an Old Favorite 


Ah, Tokidoki Pappa Lion Arte pallete, I’m sorry I forgot about you for so long.     

This gold and brown eye look used to be my go to! I definitely still appreciate how easy it is to make a cohesive look, there’s clearly a lid color, highlight color, crease color and definer. 

I’m glad I rediscovered this little palette! I remember why I loved it so much!


My Hair-O-Scope

So a little bit ago I received a really interesting email from a spokesperson for Madison Reed, the hair color company, to ask if I was interested in learning my Hair-o-Scope! I told them I was a Leo and they sent me this Hair-O-Scope. 


Recently I’ve cut my hair, and since then I’ve loved to just spray and scrunch my hair and get it all messy. To be honest, I don’t really comb my hair. When my hair is wet I spray it with texture spray and when I wake up I just mess it up with my fingers and go about my day. So I’d say this hair-o-scope is very accurate! 

Here’s some pictures of the way I wear  my hair.   


My favorite products to use are John Frieda’s Curl Perfecting Spray, Ulta’s Beach Spray, and Not Your Mother’s Beach Spray. 

In case you’re interested in checking out your own hair-o-scope, here is the link to the page on Madison Reed’s site! Let me know about your Hair-O-Scope if you check it out.

Hope you’re having a great summer!


Graduation FOTD

Hey everyone! I’m proud to say I graduated high school! Here’s the makeup I wore to graduation! 


This was another indie eye look! The shades I used were: 
I used:

  • Shiro second Kira (liner)
  • Shiro still no Oscar for Leo dicaprio (inner half of the lid)
  •  Dawn eyes cosmetics pixie (dark blue) 
  • Detrivore foul (crease) 

Shout out to my fellow grads! I hope everyone’s having a wonderful summer!


Makeup Inspo for Deep Set Eyes- Natalie Dormer

Hey everyone! So I have deep set eyes and a square face, and it can be hard to find eye makeup inspo that translates to me deep set eyes. A lot of the colorful eye looks on Pinterest would dissapear when my eyes were open!

But guess what I just realized? The gorgeous Natalie Dormer also has deep set eyes! AND a square face! Here are some of my favorite makeup looks she’s done!  


Her eye makeup usually uses neutral colors!


Plus the looks are pretty simple! I’m going to be doing a tutorial for some of these looks soon but in the meantime, enjoy this collection!